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For volunteer opportunities at our food pantry in Conyers, call us at 770-281-9479

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About Us


Humans … we are a social creature and as such, we need one another's mutual and altruistic support. In 2016, the 3AFN non-profit ("Three Angels Food Network") was born when the efforts and experiences of individuals who 'get' this concept, coalesced!

Our Co-Founders

3AFN began from kindness. Two members of the Tony Thompson and New Creation Chorale (an a capella musical ensemble) had been circulating around Atlanta Metropolitan area's wholesale food stores, purchasing  and altruistically distributing food to disenfranchised neighborhoods (familiar and unfamiliar alike). As fulfilling as choir members Mr. Earl Benjamin and Mr. Andre Chapman found this experience, they felt they should do more and with a bit of organization, knew they could. Therefore, Earl and Andre approached the one who would become their third co-founder. 

Ms. Linda Alexander is a fellow choir member and she has long been known for being at the forefront of inspiring healthy change. They knew Linda had previously co-founded a church and during that journey had spearheaded that organization’s food pantry for seven years. Linda enthusiastically joined forces, adding her legal and organizational expertise to their current efforts and desire to improve.

Method to Our Mission

Since 2016, this idea of proliferating mutual and altruistic support has matured from concept … to the 3AFN non-profit organization, incorporated in the State of Georgia. 3AFN, which stands for the Three Angels Food Network annually services over 2,400 local families, providing over 60,000 lbs of both perishable and canned nutritious items. Much of 3AFN’s outreach services Atlanta Metro’s youth. This is most impactful during the summer months when our youth aren’t receiving meals from school. In addition, our program impacts Atlanta’s immigrant and refugee population, who gain access to much needed nutrition via mobile food trucks and our pick-up location: 1318 Olympic Court, Suite-A, Conyers Georgia 30312

In addition, our efforts are greatly enhanced and in some cases, made possible through partnerships with various government and complementary non-profit agencies who provide both access to families in need and volunteers that help deliver wholistic food boxes.

If you, like us, get the concept that we humans need each other’s mutual and altruistic support … please peruse our programs page and join us. We need you.

Our Programs

Nutrition Distribution


Our primary purpose is, of course, making certain that the fruits of our labor manifest (quite literally) into the hands and mouths of our fellow citizens who may find themselves in nutritional need. 3AFN, Incorporated utilizes various methods to perfect our mission, by:

* Organizing nutritionally balanced boxes of food items that may be picked up at our main Conyers, GA warehouse,

* Delivering food via a cooperation with other organizations who provide us with a list of their patrons' needs, 

* Operating a food truck, when resources allow, which affords 3AFN an opportunity to expand its outreach.

The Atlanta Metropolitan area's need is massive and growing exponentially given our current government's actions pertaining to compensating some of our country's government employees. To respond, we need a massive effort from our community of grocers, restaurants and truly, any of us who find ourselves able and willing to provide mutual altruistic support (whether that's food, volunteer hours or financial assistance) …to  humans. If you're here, 3AFN presumes that you are willing and able. Please lend your hand … 

To donate food containers, financial assistance and/or nutritious items, please call: 1 (770) 281-9479



Operating a non-profit, in many ways, is more challenging than successfully profiting from private enterprise because the success goals and measuring methods are fairly similar. But ... non-profits give away our products and/or services!

We simply can not exist without you, our community.

3AFN validates volunteer hours, for students and their respective educational institutions, we coordinate with the judicial system to mutually support individuals who must fulfill civil obligations and with equal enthusiasm, organize our fellow neighbors who, like 3AFN founders, just get the fact that we survive and thrive better together.

To  become a 3AFN volunteer, contact Jeflyn Mclean:

Resource Reallocation


3AFN, incorporated gladly accepts perishable, dry and canned goods into our food pantry. Safeguarding and efficiently distributing that healthy supply is paramount to our mission and therefore, we maintain strict compliance with our guidelines for accepting, protecting and delivering  quality products with excellent service. Therefore, we monitor our supply such that when foods begin to reach their expiration dates, we have viable alternatives ready, willing and able to employ the resources while they remain viable.

Successfully administering food inventory, especially as it pertains to perishables, requires that 3AFN develop  and nurture relationships with local farmers who are able to deploy expiring foods to their livestock such that the kindness we harness from the Atlanta Community isn't wasted. It is truly a cyclical operation that fully utilizes every part of the urban food chain from farm, through volunteers like you and me, to our fellow neighbors and back to the farms that feed us all.

If you are aware of a farming community that could benefit from expiring food items for livestock or composting and/or need general information about 3AFN, please email: